Great Lakes Mutual

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Great Lakes Mutual Insurance receives a large variety of inquiries about its products, policies and services. The information presented below is a selection of the most popular FAQs.

Additional questions will be added to this page from time to time as they become common topics.

Contact your Great Lakes Mutual agent
Your agent is the best source for answering any specific questions regarding GLMI products, your insurance policy, payment options or claims procedures.

Q. Where is Great Lakes Mutual Insurance based?

Great Lakes Mutual Insurance is domiciled and licensed only in Michigan.
All premiums stay in this state.

Q. How long has Great Lakes Mutual Insurance been in business?

Great Lakes Mutual Insurance was established in 1898.
Click here for more information about our roots.

Q. Where is Great Lakes Mutual Insurance Corporate Office?

Great Lakes Mutual Insurance Company, 58730 U.S. Highway 41, Calumet, MI 49913.

Q. What insurance products does Great Lakes Mutual offer?

Homeowners, Dwelling Properties, Condominium and Renters Contents insurance.

Q. Does Great Lakes offer other insurance lines such as auto or life?

No. Great Lakes Mutual only offers coverage for property (i.e. Homeowners, Dwelling, Rental, Condos, etc.)

Q. What makes a mutual insurance company different from other insurance companines?

Mutual insurance companies have the interest of the Policyholders first.
In stock insurance companies, they must answer to Shareholders.  

Q. What is Great Lakes Mutual Insurance Financial Rating?

Great Lakes Mutual Insurance has a Demotech Finanical Stability RatingĀ® of A-Prime (Unsurpassed).
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Q. Does GLMI insure property based on replacement cost or market value?

Great Lakes Mutual insures property based on its current market value. An optional endorsement is available which offers replacement cost on partial losses and waives depreciation when repairs are made.  

Q. What type of payment plans are available?

Great Lakes Mutual offers annual, semiannual, quarterly and monthly payment plans. There are no installment fees for annual or monthly payment plans, but the monthly installment must be setup for auto-pay. A $5.00 per installment fee is applied to quarterly and semiannual payments.

Q. How can I make a payment on my policy?

Great Lakes Mutual offers the convenience of online bill pay using a credit or debit card, payment by phone, or payment by check or money order. Click here to review payment options.

Q. How do I make changes to my policy?

Contact your Great Lakes Mutual agent to make changes or to update your policy.

Q. Do I have to insure all of my properties with Great Lakes Mutual in order to obtain covereage?

No. You are not required to insure all of your properties with Great Lakes Mutual.

Q. Is my personal information safe with Great Lakes Mutual?

Yes. Great Lakes Mutual Insurance has a strict privacy policy. We do not share your personal information with other companies or businesses.

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