Great Lakes Mutual

Affordable Market Value Coverage

Tailored property insurance for your investment without the added expense of full replacement cost coverage.

With our No Credit Scoring feature and competitive Market Value policy coverage, we make it easy for you to get property insurance at affordable rates. Our exclusive Market Value approach can provide you a tailored insurance policy and our Agents will never require you to purchase full replacement cost coverage. It’s your property and should be your choice! Keep reading for more great Market Value benefits.

What is Market Value policy coverage?

At Great Lakes Mutual, we put the buying power in your hands when it comes to coverage for your home or dwelling property. Our Market Value approach allows you to insure your home – or properties — for the amount of investment you have in them.

How does Great Lakes Mutual determine Market Value?

Our Agents review the original purchase price of your home, and other indicators of current housing market conditions, and apply our exclusive Market Value formula.

Is Great Lakes Mutual Market Value coverage the same as Actual Cash Value?

ACV policy coverage is different and much more limited than GLM Market Value.

Great Lakes policies provide for a Modified Replacement Cost Endorsement. (1) Our Market Value approach provides Replacement Cost Loss Settlement Terms in the event of a claim without paying the exorbitant premium for a Full Replacement Cost policy.

What happens if I have a loss on my property under a Great Lakes Mutual Market Value policy?

With a Great Lakes Mutual Market Value policy, the loss amount would be depreciated. However, once repairs or replacement has occurred, the withheld dollar amount can be recovered. (2) You’re in control each step of the way.

How much can I save with Great Lakes Mutual Market Value Coverage?

With Great Lakes Mutual Market Value Coverage, you will never be forced to carry unwanted replacement cost coverage on your home or dwelling property. Our exclusive Market Value approach gives you the flexibility – and confidence – to insure your property at a level you can afford.

Every property is different and there are various factors that can affect your policy premium, but our exclusive Market Value formula can show you immediate savings over your current full replacement cost policy.

Start saving BIG with exclusive Great Lakes Mutual Market Value Coverage!

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(1) Endorsement not available on (FL-1) Basic form policies.

(2) (FL-1) Basic form policies and Homeowners policies under 80% of estimated replacement cost, without the Modified Replacement Cost Endorsement, are only recoverable on an ACV basis