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Great Lakes Condominium Insurance provides more than just coverage for the walls around you. With a GLM Condo policy, you'll receive comprehensive protection for your belongings and liability coverage You'll also have the option of upgrading your condo insurance with a Replacement Cost Endorsement and a Water Backup/Overflow Endorsement.

Contact a Great Lakes Mutual agent today to learn more about a custom tailored insurance policy for your condominium.

Condominium Policies

Great Lakes offers Broad Form Insurance and Special Coverage Endorsements to condominium owners.

  • Broad Form (HO 0006): UA Great Lakes Broad Form insurance policy will cover the interior structure of the condo unit and your personal property inside from a range of named perils. Specific coverages will vary depending on your condo association bylaws. See below for for perils covered chart.

  • Special Coverage Endorsements: Great Lakes offers open peril coverage to the residence with a Unit-Owners Coverage A Endorsement (HO 7032). For increased coverage on personal property, owners may elect to add a Unit-Owners Coverage C Endorsement (HO 7029). Property coverage includes all perils under the Broad Form and other perils not specifically excluded in the policy.

  • Condominium Rental Coverage: Should you choose to rent your condo, the Unit-Owners Rental To Others Endorsement (HO 7033) will be added to your GLM policy.

  • Vacant Condominium Coverage: For vacant condos, your property can be insured under a Great Lakes Mutual Dwelling Properties Policy. Contact your GLM agent for more information.

Property Coverage 

Great Lakes Mutual Insurance policies provide the following types of coverage, up to the limits outlined in the policies.

  • Residence (Coverage A): Under Broad Form coverage, your condo structure will be insured for a 10% extension of Coverage C. Coverage A residence limits may also be increased to pay for repairs incurred should your condominium become damaged due to a covered loss.

  • Personal Property (Coverage C): Great Lakes Mutual Condominium Insurance covers your personal property for all Broad Form perils. Clothing, computers, appliances and electronics inside of an owner-occupied unit are protected. For greater personal property coverage, review our Replacement Cost Endorsement to the right.

  • Additional Living Costs and Loss of Use (Coverage D): In the event your residence or tenant-occupied condo becomes unfit to live in due to a covered loss, Great Lakes may pay for your increased living costs or loss of rent. Additional living costs include meals, temporary housing and other expenses you may incur while you are displaced from your condominium.  

Perils Insured Against

Liability Coverage

Your Great Lakes Mutual Condominium policy includes coverage for Personal Liability (Coverage L) and medical expenses (Coverage M). In the event a person gets hurt on your property, Great Lakes may cover expenses for unforeseen events such as a slip and fall accident.

Contact your local GLM agent for more details.

Optional Condominium Insurance Endorsements

Replacement Cost Endorsement for Personal Property (HO 4855) Under this endorsement, your personal property (electronics, clothing, furniture, appliances, etc.) will be replaced at current cost in the event of a covered loss.

Water Backup and Sump Discharge or Overflow Endorsement (HO 2708) GLM will insure against direct physical loss to property from water that backs up through sewers or drains; or that overflows or is discharged from a sump.

Some locations may be ineligible due to environmental conditions. Consult your local Great Lakes agent for additional information.