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Keeping your single most important investment safe means trusting people that care for your wellbeing. At Great Lakes Mutual, we’ve been insuring our policy-holders homes and honoring their trust for over a century.

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Flexible insurance. It’s what you expect and what Great
Lakes Mutual offers – because no two pieces of property are the same. Contact a GLM agent today to get started on your tailored market value policy.

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Flexible insurance. It’s what you expect and what Great
Lakes Mutual offers – because no two pieces of property are the same. Contact a GLM agent today to get started on your tailored market value policy.

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Protecting your personal property shouldn’t cost a small
fortune. Whether you rent a home, duplex or apartment,
affordable contents insurance is right around the corner.

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Great Lakes Mutual


From tenant-occupied rentals and vacant property, to garages and seasonal camps, Great Lakes provides flexible Dwelling Properties Insurance to meet your coverage requirements.

Whether you need basic dwelling fire coverage or greater protection from a wider range of perils, GLM can create a market value policy tailored to meet your replacement needs. You'll also enjoy the flexibility to insure multiple dwelling properties at different limits and with different coverages. How convenient is that?

Contact a Great Lakes Mutual agent today to learn more about our Dwelling Properties policies.

Dwelling Properties Policies

Great Lakes Mutual Insurance offers five different levels of dwelling property protection across three Forms: Basic (FL-1), Broad (FL-2), and Special (FL-3).

1. Basic (FL-1):

Dwelling Fire Coverage: This Basic Form policy protects your property from fire, lightning and explosion.

Fire and Extended Coverage: Dwelling fire and additional coverage from wind, hail, smoke and other perils. Click here for perils covered chart.

2. Broad Form (FL-2):

Broad Form: This comprehensive policy covers a wide array of named perils from fire and falling objects to electrical damage and frozen plumbing. Broad Form coverage also includes burglary damage and vandalism.

3. Special Form (FL-3):

Special Form: GLM offers open peril property coverage to the residence and related private structures. Coverage includes all perils under the Broad Form and other perils not specifically excluded in the policy.

Property Coverage 

Great Lakes Mutual Insurance policies provide the following types of coverage, up to the limits outlined in the policies.  

Residence (Coverage A): With GLM Basic Form coverage, your residence can be insured up to 100% of your home’s actual cash value. Both Broad and Special Form coverage can be written for the market value of your property. A Modified Replacement Cost Endorsement (FL-256) is applied to waive depreciation, in the event of a loss, on property insured to less than 80% of its replacement cost.

Related Private Structures (Coverage B): Coverage is provided for loss to structures related to the dwelling (including additions and built-in components) for Broad and Special Form policies. Coverage B can be added to Basic Form policies. Examples include: storage sheds, gazebos, saunas and permanently installed outdoor fixtures such as privacy fences, sidewalks and driveways.

Personal Property (Coverage C): Coverage C can be added to any GLM Dwelling Insurance Policy. Personal property loss, is settled on an actual cash value basis. Contact your Great Lakes agent about coverage for your personal property.

Loss of Use and Additional Living Costs (Coverage D): In the event your home or tenant-occupied dwelling becomes unfit to live in due to a covered loss, Great Lakes Mutual will pay for additional living costs and fair rental value. Additional costs may include temporary housing, meals and other living expenses you may incur while your dwelling is uninhabitable. Coverage D is included on GLM Broad and Special Form policies and can be added to provide limited protection on Basic Form policies.

Perils Insured Against

   Click button for perils covered chart.

Premises Liability Coverage

Hidden trip hazards. Slip and fall accidents. Pet encounters. All of these conditions, and many other events, could result in legal and medical expenses if a person gets hurt on your property. Talk to your GLM agent about an optional Premises Liability Endorsement.

Great Lakes Mutual will cover legal costs and payments if you are found negligent for bodily injury or property damage caused by an incidence or an occurrence on your property.

Premises Liability coverage limits range from $25,000 up to $500,000 and include $5,000 in medical payments. Protect yourself and your property in one GLM policy!

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