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No Credit Scoring

No Credit Scoring.
Another reason why Great Lakes Mutual Insurance works for you.

At Great Lakes Mutual, we understand that it’s not easy out there. Life can throw many curve balls at you on any given day. So, to help you navigate around insurance speed bumps, we’ve made it easier for you to get the property insurance you need without the hassle of reviewing your credit scores.

Our Agents will never check your credit score. Ever.

Why is that a big deal? Consider the following...

Bad things can happen to good people.

Do any of these sound like they fit your household?

  • I pay my bills and purchase items with cash and don’t have an extensive credit history

  • I had a medical/health event that caused financial hardships

  • I lost my job during the recent recession

  • I was a victim of stolen identity

  • I am recently divorced and caring for two young children

  • I have student loans and have been rejected when applying for credit cards

  • I just graduated college and I am entering the workforce, but have mounting debt

Life happens and credit scores don’t tell everyone’s story. We simply do not feel that a number should stand between you and great insurance. Yes, it’s that simple.

Credit scores don’t reflect the condition of your property.

At Great Lakes Mutual, our Policyholders receive insurance based on the condition of their property, not the condition of their credit score. If you value your property as much as we value your desire to protect it, then our Agents are ready to help you regardless of your credit history.

Our Agents are focused on helping you insure your property, not scrutinizing your financial profile.

When you approach a Great Lakes Mutual Agent, you’ll be greeted by a professional who knows our insurance products thoroughly and can help you get the insurance you need. Credit scores will never be reviewed and you will never be asked for approval to check them. Plain and simple.

Great Lakes Mutual does not use credit scoring to establish terms of a policy or to determine the cost for your coverage.

When you insure with Great Lakes Mutual, your policy is determined by the condition of your property. Unlike most insurance companies, we do not use your financial “numbers” to place you in a fixed category for coverage and cost. Our insurance is tailored to fit your needs.

Most importantly, we don’t use credit scores because it doesn’t change your desire and need to insure your property.

We know you care about your property. You have worked hard for it and want to protect one of your greatest assets. Credit scoring will never change that desire or need, so we’ve made it easier for you to insure with us.

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